Zoe Rayner is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who currently resides in Northampton, MA. She has lived and traveled in many countries - including Bangladesh, Italy, and Ireland - and her work is inspired by the visual richness of different cultures, geographies and time periods.

Working with pen, pencil and digital coloring, Zoe fills her illustrations with high levels of detail, engaging the viewer with layered and often dreamlike elements. Natural patterns and floral motifs feature heavily in her art, a testament to her love of nature and the endless variety of imagery it provides.

By contrast, her design work is clean and simple, with a strong focus on color harmony and the forms that can be derived from typography. In combining her illustration practice with graphic design, Zoe is excited by the opportunity to create conversations between imagery and words, giving each project its own unique voice within her visual style.

Awards Creative Quarterly 51, Illustration (Runner-Up)

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Ink & Arrows Magazine

Events 2017, Nike "Kiss My Airs" at The Blind Whino, Washington DC
2017, RAW Exhibition at the Howard Theater, Washington DC 

Clients Hill Editorial Services // Visual Identity
Julian Phillippi Career Coaching and Consulting // Brochure Design